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How often should you change your profile picture? That is a great question with a plethora of answers. I’ve read up on this a little bit and there’s a lot of different answers out there; some say once a month but they all say once a week is too much.  The answer that I’m really happy with is to change it when you have something to say or celebrate.

I’ve not been the best to keep up with this myself I’ll admit. However with the idea of changing it out when you have something to say or celebrate; I can really get behind that. I’ve been guilty of the set it and forget it concept to my Facebook timeline and profile photo. Yes, part of it is that it’s so hard for me to get a good picture of myself and being a photographer I’m really quite picky about that. However, putting purposeful thought towards getting more pictures of myself has paid off.

Use a photograph that stands out, says Nathan Latka, a guru for Facebook business marketers. Bright backgrounds and engaging facial expressions make all the difference.  Smile with your whole face, I say!  Try not to think about “doing it right,” as much as really being present.  I say this in my portraits for families, but it applies to business headshots just as much.  Most people get it wrong by trying to “do it right” or  every-hair-in-place-with-plastic-barbie-smile face.

That just won’t cut it.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Our world now runs on authenticity instead of the model of perfection.  Better to have a so-so cell phone pic with a GREAT, genuine, full-face smile than a perfectly lit, Photoshopped-till-it-looks-like-a-Glamour-Shot wanna be.  (shudder)


Don’t forget your timeline photo on your Facebook business page also!  That’s just big billboard space with free rent waiting to be used.  I like to photograph headshots on studio gray background, shoot some horizontal and leave space on the side for the client to photoshop in some wording.  You can put your logo and the latest update, promo or greeting.  Options are endless.

business headshots that get noticed


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Fall portrait time is just around the corner!

The leaves are beginning to change in beautiful Colorado Springs; soon the air will be crisp, evening coming a little sooner and ALL. THE. COLORS!!


I’ll be having fall portrait sessions at Rock Ledge Ranch Saturdays, October 17th and 24th.  Gorgeous colors and our lovely Garden of the Gods in the background.  Who could ask for more?!

We have three sessions to choose from:

15 Minute mini session; budget friendly while still getting amazing portraits.  8-10 finished, edited images.  $99

30 minute session; a bit more time in front of the camera.  Great for families, capturing portraits of the whole family and the kids individually and together.  $175

50 minute session;  the best value all the way around!  Relaxed portraits of the whole family, individuals and groups, having a great time making amazing photographic memories. $250

All sessions will have your finished, edited images and shown in a private screening where we’ll help you choose your favorites.  We all love our Facebook posts, but you shouldn’t need electricity whenever you want to see your fabulous family’s portraits.  We have amazing gallery canvas wraps to show off your favorites and make you smile each time you see them.


Visit the website, use the contact form or email me to schedule your portrait appointment!

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I had the privilege of making tremendous business website videos for Fierce Beauty here in Colorado Springs.  Mimi is so much more than just a skin care professional; she cares for her clients in a way I rarely see.

She does her best to not only provide solutions for her clients but goes above and beyond to meet their needs.  She’s an amazing woman;  you should visit her in Harmony in Hair salon!

Here are some of the messages from Mimi about just a few services she offers.  Enjoy!








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Mini sessions; what you talkin’ bout, Willis?  Alright, I’m sure I’m showing my age with that reference, but it’s perfect.  You hear about mini sessions, but what are they, and what’s the big deal?

I offer a variety of session styles (more info here) not just small, medium and large but also custom portrait sessions.  But today, let’s talk about mini sessions.


Time: Where a typical custom portrait session would be 60-90 minutes, a mini session hovers around 15 minutes in front of the camera.  It’s inexpensive on time and cost.  Plenty of time to get that iconic family portrait you really, really want.

Location: To be more efficient, we have chosen the location for you on a mini session.  We know Colorado Springs, and have some great little spots that show off our amazing landscapes.  It can be anywhere from my personal secret spot at Garden of the Gods or one of the most magnificent local parks.  Where ever it is, it’ll be gorgeous.

Cost:  Mini sessions are really inexpensive in the session fee which leaves loads of bread for those portraits on the wall that make you smile, laugh or both every time you see it.  Facebook posts just don’t have that same effect.

They’re great for first time portrait takers!  Not quite sure what to expect from a professional portrait session?  Mini sessions are a great way to try it out, so-to-speak and see for yourself.  It’s minimal cost and we’ve already scouted out the best location and time of day.

Interested in your own mini session?   We’re taking bookings for Saturdays in October; prime time for gorgeous light and loads of color.  Contact me for more information and to book your mini session!

See you soon,



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This website video is not for the vegetarian or those whose lunch hour isn’t for a while.

You’ve been warned.  😀


Brian and his crew at Front Range BBQ set about their delicious craft each day;  preparing handed-down family recipes and serving it all up with a big huge helping of Southern hospitality.  I love filming here;  the staff is always so helpful and friendly.  I visit with them about once a month, capturing a new website video for their blog and social media.


If you’re interested in a website video for your business, contact me!  I’d love to hear what’s on your mind, brainstorm with you and plan out the perfect mouth-watering website video of your own.

Much photo love and BBQ sauce,


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