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Here’s a fun, new something I’m going to make part of my weekly updates;  the Cool Stuff jar.  This is an idea that came from a new business client of mine, Cass Mullane.  You can see her work and this idea in more depth at  The big idea as I am using it is to write down great things that happen, big or small, date them and put them in a jar.  Although, I am a visual communicator, I decided to put them on a board and hang it on the wall so I could see it on a regular basis and be encouraged.

You know how it goes when all is well with the world and something negative happens.  It seems to outweigh the ten positive events that happened before.  Well, with this Cool Stuff wall, I’ll be reminded of the gazillions of great things that happen and help keep the few negative things in perspective.

I would love to hear from you and what kinds of cool things have happened lately!






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Little Mr. Emmett.  Oh, my, my, oh my.  My first look at Emmett was straight from a bath and all his baby fine red hair was sticking out in all it’s Einsteinesque glory!  Mama tamed it before we started on portraits though.  Such a wonderful session with the little man.  Mom and Grandma were with me, adding to the coos, cuddles and kisses.  Grandma brought in one of Bryan’s favorite childhood toys and I couldn’t resist a baby-in-the-middle portrait.  Family from both sides were there and loads of “let me hold him!” portraits were taken.  Definitely so much love on both sides of this family!

Welcome to the world little Mr. Emmett!  I look forward to seeing you grow up and taking many, many more birthday portraits!

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We met at Memorial park close to downtown Colorado Springs for Bryan and Jackie’s maternity portraits, walked and enjoyed the lovely afternoon.  Such a beautiful couple, and ready to welcome their first child in to the world.   Bryan is the most proud husband and father.  Jackie is such a beautiful lady; pregnancy has only added to her lovely glow!

I am privileged to have the opportunity to be part of their life for a little while; capture their joy and give beautiful portraits that will last generations.  <happy sigh!>


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I absolutely L O V E my Taekwondo school.  We have such fun families who train together; I enjoy seeing them go to Black Belt and beyond.

As a Master myself, making these portraits is more than fun work, it’s a life passion.  I love seeing the new white belts start out, their first tests and gain in belt rank.  Soon, you see them all over the place, learning amazing life skills, become great at their martial arts and growing in confidence.  I highly recommend every martial artist take professional portraits to celebrate your journey and your chronicle your personal climb up the mountain to Black Belt and beyond.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Taekwondo and practicing with your family, contact A.L.L. Taekwondo at or 719-260-4700.

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I grew up practicing martial arts; dance was not my skill set.  Twice per year I visit Brooke Stroud’s Dance Studio here in Colorado Springs, watch their rehearsal and photograph the dancers.  There are a couple of dancers that I really enjoy talking with and seeing their different dance styles and incredible moves.  Here’s a couple of my faves from this session.  Enjoy the images and when you’re needing a dance school for you or your little one, visit them at

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